select transactions

Investment banks and Advisory Firms generally rely on a list of prior transactions as evidence of their abilities.  We think that such lists are helpful, but the true measure of an investment bank is its list of non-typical, impossible-to-achieve successes. 


Here are a few of our pivotal transactions:


…During the European debt crisis (2010-2012), one of our bankers restructured $50+ million in debt for a Spanish manufacturing client.  The banker restructured 28, short term, general obligation notes into a multiple year unitranch with a London-based fund and a revolving receivables facility with a New York-based lender.    


 …One of our bankers was the exclusive advisor to a regional home health care services provider which tried to sell itself at multiples substantially over industry standard.  Our banker took the mandate, and was able to define the deal objectives and structure the acquisition plan so that the private equity fund and the client each achieved their goals.


…One of our bankers represented the United States government (Department of Prisons and the US Marshall Service) in the divestiture of a regional waste and recycling business that had substantive Brownfield (environmental) issues.   Our banker was able to sell the company to an industry-known buyer on a cash basis and a shortened earn out.  The buyer also assumed all legacy liability, including duty to remediate the property.


…One of our bankers represented a well known media research company in a buy-side transaction, funded with a simultaneous institutional investment.  Just prior to closing, the market for media companies took a significant downturn, resulting in revocation by the institutional investor.  Despite market conditions, our banker was able to qualify a replacement institutional investor and close the purchase before the deal unwound.   


…One of our bankers represented a world renown foundation focused on the study of Alzheimers.  The research company sponsored by the foundation became embroiled in a reverse merger into a public shell transaction.  Our banker was called in by the foundation and its law firm to restructure the merger, rebalance stock distribution and restore control among the company and a myriad of shell advisors, sponsors, and underwriters.  The merger and subsequent capital raises proceeded under our banker’s plan.